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Google Ads Management

Make the Most out of your marketing by utilizing PPC

*excludes ad budget

How it Works


Google Ads 1

Account Creation

 There is no need to do it yourself. We handle the details and the account is yours to own forever.

Google Ads 2

Campaign Setup

Your ad campaign is all about your goals and your strategy. We make sure that all parts of it come together seamlessly. 

Google Ads 3

Campaign Management

It doesn’t end after we’ve created your ads. We continuously monitor the progress and make any necessary changes to improve results.


What You Get

Google Ads Management Services

One Campaign

Create a campaign based on your goals.

Google Ads 4

One Ad Group

Choose the right audience and keywords.

Google Ads 5

3 Ads

Create compelling ads for your customers.

Competitive Analysis

Analyze your competitors to see what they are doing in terms of PPC strategy.

Audience Targeting

We set your targeting for the right people, at the right location, and for the right time.


Keyword Research

We research the right keywords to deliver the best results for your campaign. 

Budget Setting

Determine the right budget for your ads so that you can get the maximum amount of clicks.

Conversion Tracking

We install tracking code on your website so that you know which conversions came from your ads.

Organize Your Campaign

We structure your campaign so that it flows with the structure of your website.

Keyword Grouping

We organize your ad groups by theme and with the right keywords so that you have a well-organized campaign.

Ads and Extensions

We create captivating ads with the right copy and utilize ad extensions to display additional details.

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