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Increase Your Keywords

Your business will rank for more keywords so that you show up for additional terms in organic search. 

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Increase Your Rankings

Your keyword rankings will increase, making your business more visible over time. 

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Increase Your Traffic

An increase in search traffic means you will have more visitors to your website, not just for a short period of time, but for the long-term.

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Increase Your Business

More keywords, better rankings, and additional traffic translate into more business. 

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Surrogacy Agency SEO 

SEO Case Studies 5

American Surrogacy Center


About the business

A surrogacy and egg donation agency looks to increase its search visibility and attract more candidates into its surrogacy program.

Despite prior SEO work done before, search visibility lacking. In  November of 2019, Marin Digital Marketing came on-board with the task of resuming SEO and focusing on surrogacy related search terms. In addition, we also helped the agency launch Google ads and Facebook ads.

SEO Case Studies 6

Increase in Keywords

Despite significant Google core algorithm updates in late 2019 and early 2020, we saw improvements in ranking keywords by focusing on quality content and backlinks. In addition, the agency also saw improvement in local search. 

Increase in Search Traffic

Increased search traffic to the website ultimately resulted in more conversions from organic search. 

SEO Case Studies 7

Personal InjuryAttorney SEO 

SEO Case Studies 8

Law Offices of Raul G. Lomas


About the Business

A personal injury law firm offering services to both English and Spanish-speaking clients. Our challenge was to not only increase traffic and keywords in English, but also increase search visibility for the Spanish speaking market.

Additionally, the firm wanted to draw in more traffic for specific areas of personal injury law.

SEO Case Studies 9

Increase in Keywords


The website had no prior SEO before and very little online presence. Over time, we increased organic keywords by going after more specific search terms and content. In addition, the law firm began to rank highly for lucrative terms in both English and Spanish. 

Increase in Search Traffic


The results were an increase in traffic and the law firm generating new leads organically. Many of the leads were from the Spanish-speaking market, which was a key goal for the firm. 

SEO Case Studies 10

Expedited Passport Services SEO 

SEO Case Studies 11

Atlas Passport and Visa Services


About the business

Located in Glendale, CA, this business offers expedited passport and visa services. Their website contained a large number of web pages, many of which outlined specific entry requirements for every country. The goal was to increase the website’s presence for its passport and visa services.

SEO Case Studies 12

Increase in Keywords


Within the first month, we managed to get the website ranking by quickly working through the website’s technical SEO and fixing many of its on-page issues. In addition, we crafted quality content and built backlinks to help increase rankings.

Increase in Search Traffic


Atlas Passport and Visa Services saw a significant increase in website traffic, drawing in visitors to both its services pages as well as its blog content. In fact, atlaspvs.com went from zero search traffic to over 2,000 sessions in less than one year. 


SEO Case Studies 13

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